Please fill out and then print the following form. Then, make a copy of your Driver's License or your state issued identification card (if available) and fax both to:

(713) 874-1245

The box that says V-Code means the last three numbers on the back of your Visa/Mastercard in the signature box.

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Fees: State Fee $25.00-$60.00 plus our fee of $45.00 for regular processing

Please charge me the total service fee of $137 for passport and birth certificate processing *please read the Passport & Birth Certificate section before clicking yes
Emergency Birth Certificate Processing (additional fee of $25.00)


Please be aware that California birth certificates are taking a long time to process. On 12-1-06 the Department of Vital Records stopped accepting walk in birth certificate requests from the general public because of financial problems. We are able to submit requests to their office and we are given special treatment, our average process times are 6-7 (4-5 Emergency) business days. Until further notice these process times will be in effect.

4-6 Day California walkthrough service, ALL fees included $136.00

If you selected 'yes,' click HERE to download the additional forms for California.


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Adopted or Legal Name Change
If adopted use adopted name and adopted parents' names, Pre-adopted certificates are unavailable
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I authorize Texas Tower to obtain my birth certificate for me.
I understand that Texas Tower is not responsible for any service performed by any overnight courier service.

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Please fax a copy of your driver's license (if available--for minors please fax a copy of the parents' license)

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If you will not be at your shipping address to sign for the overnight courier package when it arrives
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