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Texas Tower is a travel-oriented company which can secure a Certified Birth Certificate for you in 2-3 days*. The birth certificates we obtain can be used in any country that requires a birth certificate and drivers license to enter, such as Canada and Mexico. They may also be used to obtain drivers licenses or anything else that requires a birth certificate. The Certified Birth Certificates we obtain have raised, embossed seals or the equivalent.

To Obtain a Certified Birth Certificate:

Click here (or above on ORDER). Please fill out the form and print a copy (don't forget to sign the form). Then, make a copy of your driver's license or state issued identification card and fax both to us at:
(713) 874-1245 (for children: please send a copy of the parent's drivers license or state issued identification card).

In addition to securing your birth certificate, we can also expedite your passport. If you choose this option, we discount your total order by $14.00 (for processing both your birth certificate and passport). To do so, mark YES on the order form labeled total service fee. You will be charged a $35.00 service fee for your birth certificate, $85.00 for your passport and $17.00 for Federal Express. **Does not include the government Fees of $145.00.**

How to Obtain a Passport AND Birth Certificate: **

1). Fill out the Birth Certificate order form, print out, sign, and fax to
(713) 874-1245.

2). Wait for your certificate to arrive, read and follow instructions from the passport section at http://www.texastower.net.

3). Take all documents (including birth certificate) to your local acceptance agent and have sealed into an envelope.

4). Federal Express both Sealed Envelope and Order Form to us.

NOTE: Texas Tower cannot neither change nor amend records. We can only procure records which are already on file with the state or country where you were born.

* barring exceptional cases




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* In your travels, will you need to rent a car? If so, visit our International Driver's Permit page for more information on how to obtain this valuable permit.

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